Bye Bye, Social Anxiety

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Proven Strategies for Growing Lasting Confidence and Calm Within

Overcome Social Anxiety and Become Confident and Relaxed

• Imagine a life where social connections come to you naturally. You are even enjoying them.

• Connect with others easily and become surrounded by awesome friends

• Become self-confident and spontaneous around people

I know this might be hard for you to imagine right now because years ago, I couldn’t imagine it myself.


In hopes to find solutions and understanding, I went to see a few psychotherapists but I could tell they didn’t truly understand my problem, which made me feel even more isolated and awkward.

I delved deep into self-help and psychology books and started applying what I’ve read in practice. This was the start of a big transformation.

Today I live a life that years ago, I could only dream of. I’m surrounded by amazing friends, family, and a loving partner. Not only has social anxiety melted away, I now genuinely enjoy social interaction and love meeting new people.

Applying some of the teachings I learned from books transformed me into a new person. But I found that the best and most useful information was mostly scattered over several books.

I wanted to make it easier for those who still struggle with social anxiety by saving you tons of time and money.

I have gathered all of the most powerful, science-based methods and most important concepts for overcoming social anxiety in one single guide.

Bye Bye, Social Anxiety 

• Start and carry on conversations with ease

• Unlock your true potential and get the romantic partner and job you want

• Stop feeling awkward and make peace with yourself and others

• Overcome the crippling fear of failure and rejection

• Discover the source of calm within you

In the 120-Page PDF Guide You Will Discover: 

  • How to become confident and calm in social situations.
  • How to stop overthinking and worrying about what others think of you.
  • How to stop constantly comparing yourself to others.
  • How to make peace with your fears.
  • How to deal with rejection, conflict and criticism.
  • Why you might have a predisposition for anxiety and what you can do about it.

You will also find a description of...

  • A method I have developed myself, which became my favorite method for dissolving social anxiety at any moment and in any kind of situation.
  • 6 main factors which influence the intensity of your fear in social situations.
  • 9 tried and tested science-based strategies for overcoming social anxiety, depression, and many other inner struggles.

...and much more.

This guide is for you if... 

• You want to feel confident and calm in social situations.

• You don't want to aimlessly wander the internet and read countless articles and books, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work for overcoming social anxiety.

• You want to learn from someone who actually struggled with social anxiety and used the strategies they teach to overcome their own battles.

• You're willing to put in the necessary work and take action in order to get the results.

• You don’t have endless hours to search and read countless books and articles on social anxiety disorder.

• You can't or don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on courses and coaching.

This guide is for you if... 

• You're looking for a quick fix without having to put in any work

• You have other mental health issues aside from social anxiety (in this case it's probably better you seek professional help)


This 120-page PDF value-packed guide is an accumulation of the most useful information I found and discovered over many years during and after my own personal battle with social anxiety.

You can have it now for only $17. I will also reply to your emails with any questions you might have. That's an incredible value for money. There's no catch and no upsells!

Social life touches and influences pretty much every aspect of our lives and I think you’d agree with me that happiness is priceless.

I could turn my guide into a video course and charge hundreds of dollars for it.

But I choose not to. I want my guide to be very affordable and believe most people reading this can easily invest $17 into a better future.e.


To make it even easier for you to decide, I am making this 100% risk free and giving you a Full 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

If you don’t get value from my product, I don’t want your money.

To be honest, I don’t see how you could not get value from it if you apply the teachings it contains. So I think you’ll be glad you’ve made this small investment and if you’re happy, I’m happy.

Start Growing Social Confidence Today

• Improve social skills and make new friends.

• Become comfortable being the center of attention.

• Overcome fear of failure and rejection.

• Written by someone who understands the pains and frustrations of living with social anxiety, and who actually overcame them.

A little bit more about me

When not working on my blog helping people overcome social anxiety, I work as photographer and crew on sailing boats. I have a passion for nature, traveling, spirituality and conscious personal growth. I also love all kinds of creative endeavors: photography, drawing, graphic design, writing, playing guitar and singing.

After breaking out of the prison of social anxiety, I'm committed to helping others do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licensed psychotherapist?

NO. I don't have official qualifications in psychology or psychotherapy. I studied psychology and personal growth on my own in order to overcome my personal inner battles and I truly believe that what I have learned can help you too. However, my teachings are based on my personal experience and opinion. My books are not intended to take the place of professional psychotherapy or counseling.

How long will it take to see the results? 

This depends on many different factors like how severe is your social anxiety, what kind of mindset are you currently in, how much time you dedicate to applying the teachings into practice, etc. Therefore, I can't give you an exact time, but in general, if you dedicate 30 minutes of daily practice to it, I believe you should see the first results relatively quickly.

Will this 100% work for me? 

Nothing works for everyone. That said, one of the main reasons why I have included so many strategies in one guide is to give you many options and let you choose the ones that work best for you.

All methods are science-based, proven to work, and at the very top of the most effective strategies for overcoming social anxiety.

I personally practiced all of them and find that when you take the best out of each, it noticeably speeds up the process of overcoming social anxiety. I describe the process I recommend to make the most out of these strategies.

I also go in detail of the mindset you need to adapt (and how to do it) in order to become confident and acquire social skills.

I have more questions, can I contact you? 

Sure, you can contact me any time at

Start growing lasting confidence right now and hit the Get the Guide button!

I look forward to connecting with you!

To your social confidence,


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Bye Bye, Social Anxiety

6 ratings
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